$199 IPS Monitor by AOC, called AOC Aire Pro


In-Plane Switching monitor or IPS monitors are used in high-end devices such as the iMac or the high-end MacBook Pro. One advantage that IPS has to offer as compared with the normal types of monitor is that the colors produced by these monitors are highly accurate. In addition to that, the wide viewing angle makes it a favorite amongst graphic artists and other professionals on which color accuracy is a must for them. Previously, the technology is available on high-end monitors only due to its high price but now, with the recent technological breakthrough, it is available on cheaper monitors as well.

AOC may be one of the first few manufacturers that offers IPS monitor at a ridiculously low price of $199 for its AOC Aire Pro. The 23-inch IPS monitor has a Full HD resolution which means that users will get the full 1920×1080 pixels on the Aire Pro. The refresh rate for this monitor is at 60Hz and it also has dual-HDMI ports in addition to a built-in speaker. It is also thin at a maximum thickness of 9.2mm only.

With the release of the AOC Aire Pro, the LCD/LED market will bound to change. Expect heavy drop in prices and manufacturers using the IPS technology in their latest products so as to compete with this new monitor by AOC.

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