480GB SSD upgrade for Retina MBP by OWC


The Retina MacBook Pro is truly one of its kind and there are no other notebooks that can match its power. However, those that have bought the device might be stuck with a lot of things. For example, the SSD drive inside it cannot be upgraded and the memory also has the same case as the SSD drive.

iFixit have shown a teardown on how to remove the SSD drive of the Retina MacBook Pro although it would definitely void the warranty of the device. One company decided to create a product based on this teardown and this is an upgrade to the Retina MBP SSD. We are talking about a 480GB SSD upgrade and it comes at one expensive price as well. The 480GB SSD upgrade by OWC comes at a price tag of $579.99, more expensive than Apple’s official 512GB upgrade.

With this being said and done, we are looking at audience that have bought a Retina MBP with a lower storage and decided to upgrade to a bigger one, regardless of the cost and the void of warranty. Nevertheless, it may be hard to find a good target audience, especially with the hefty price tag. It is good to know however, that an upgrade is readily available.

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