ACHIEVA Shimian brings 27-inch of good S-IPS display


When it comes to display, size really matters and thus when we talk about a 27-inch IPS screen, you would most probably think of the Apple Cinema Display. However, the price of it is probably out of range with most people because it can simply bleed your wallet with its hefty $999 price tag. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any alternatives because there is one and it is by the name of ACHIEVA Shimian.

The ACHIEVA Shimian is a 27-inch S-IPS monitor from South Korea. It offers the same resolution as the Apple Cinema Display which is at 2560×1440 but with one-third of the price. The panel that it uses is the LG S-IPS display which is almost the same as the Apple Cinema Display. Instead of using Thunderbolt however, this display makes use of the DVI-dual link port instead. With this being said and done, there are only a few dedicated graphics card that would work with this screen.

For example, it won’t work with both Mac and Laptop as these don’t have the aforementioned port and no APU nor onboard graphics is compatible either. Nonetheless, if you think that you want to take the chance with this display, it is all yours for about $300 on eBay. Shipping is from South Korea and is available for free.

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