All in One PC with 10 point Touch Screen released by Asus


Yesterday that is on 29th March Asus released its latest update, which happens to be a ten point touch screen all in one PC, ET2700 series.


This 27 inch Asus are selling all in one gadget as a multi-utility technology. It features a blu-ray drive crafted in HD TV tuner, TV viewing boosted with 1920 into 1080 screen with LED backlight. It also has an excellent sound system having surround sound and audio tech by an externally attached sub-woofer. Touch screen with a staggering 10 point input that has zoom, pan, rotate, tap, flick, press options.

Desktop works on an Intel Core i5 or i7 and includes Windows 7, but it also can be upgraded to be used with Windows 8 when this OS launches late this year.

Its weight is 13g and has a memory of 8GB RAM and is able to store up to 2TB, has a SD card reader and features two USB 3.0 ports. The ET2700 series of this gadget is available in various varieties of screens like 24 inch, 22 inch, 20 inch & 16 inch currently.

ET2320 series under construction

Asus also stated that an ET2320 series is under construction but disagreed to provide any further information on that matter.

This beautiful ET2700 gadget is now in stores at $2999 from Harvey Norman and is available with a mouse & a keyboard.

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