AMD releases new graphic cards – mid-range Radeon HD 7750 and 7770


Competition is tough and AMD is definitely feeling the heat from its arch nemesis, NVIDIA with its range of graphics card. The GTX 580 still remains one of the best in the market and as far as the mid-range GPUs is concerned, the GTX 560 and 570 packs quite a powerful as well.

This is why the company is releasing two new graphics card which can be considered to be more affordable for the users. These new graphic cards are the AMD Radeon HD 7750 and 7770 and will cost the user at a slightly less backbreaking price of both $109 and $169 respectively.

The HD 7770 sure has a feat on its own as it is the first reference graphics card that is factory overclocked to 1GHz. In fact, it is the first graphics card which managed to burst through the 1GHz barrier as claimed by AMD themselves. Both devices benefited from the 28nm architecture pioneered by AMD and the HD 7750 sips power at a wattage rating of only 75 watts.

Some other features added to these two GPUs include the Graphic Core Next (GCN) Architecture along with notable features like AMD Eyefinity 2.0, PowerTune and many more.

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