AMD Trinity to Beat Intel on Price


AMD has always been the cheaper alternative but it isn’t the best when it comes to performance. However, in the case of its AMD Trinity APUs, the company is trying to decrease the barrier between itself and Intel. These new batches of APU are taking on the ultra-portables, laptops and desktops and several of these improvements are certainly worth looking at.

Trinity is expected to give double the performance per watt of the old Llano processor. However, AMD will still be retaining its 32nm fabrication although the number of transistors is increased significantly. Furthermore, with the lowest wattage is a minimum of 17 watts only as compared with the previous 35 watt, it is certainly a great processor to be used on ultra-portables where low power consumptions are of an essential.

As usual, these APUs will have a dedicated graphic card on board and in the case of the new ones, it will sport the AMD Radeon 7xxx series. Because of this, this processor certainly beat the Intel Integrated Graphics found in a few of its processors by a mile high. That is why these new processors will be geared towards multimedia and gaming although it might not do so well on the latter.

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