AMD unleashes new FirePro W9000 GPU


When it comes to workstation graphics processing unit, NVIDIA has been in the lead with its NVIDIA Quadro series. However, it seems that AMD wants to pick up the pace with another behemoth and we aren’t talking about their normal Radeon series graphics card but rather their FirePro GPU instead. For those that are quite unaware of what FirePro is all about, FirePro is the company’s new brand of workstation graphics card that goes head to haed with NVIDIA’s Quadro.

The best amongst the pack would be the W9000 GPU and this can seamlessly stream up to six 30-inch 4K displays. With 6GB worth of GDDR5 RAM, you are looking up to 4TFLOPs with single precision or 1 TFLOP with double precision. However, this much processing power doesn’t come in cheap because the W9000 costs a whopping $3,999. If that is a bit too much for you, the W8000, W7000, W5000 is also available at a price of $1,599, $899 and $599 respectively.

With this being said and done, you are looking at one of the best graphics card in the market. This much of raw processing doesn’t mean that it is suitable for gaming but rather for programs that requires high computational power such as rendering.

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