Apple’s Mac Mini got a makeover


Apple has upgraded its Mac Mini gadget adding speed and performance to it, though the reviews of its early users are sort of mixed, both likes and dislikes.

What’s the Difference?

The main change is that Apple has removed the optical drive out of Mac Mini and had installed new Thunderbolt port which offers high speed input output port combining DisplayPort and PCI Express technologies. For average users it is like getting extremely fast connection for the huge files without using CDs and DVDs. The data transfer s accelerated to 10 gigabits per second which is 10000 times rapid than USB port.

Though CDs are still prominent in the market, this new innovation is a good deal in the long run.

Users’ first thoughts

As per the customers reviews, this new feature of Mac Mini is a welcoming update, for some, and is quiet competitive though there are few users who will take time in understanding the benefits of Thunderbolt port. If we look at the reviews of Twitter users, they are not happy with this upgradation. Managing editor of Engadget, Darren Murph, considers Apple’s Mac Mini to be a fine computer though recommended last year’s model which is available at lesser price now.

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  1. Akash Malik says:

    I think its good… CDs are a thing of the past

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  2. Alok Saharia says:

    Technology is getting advanced day by day. We may see something better than it in coming future.

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