Apple Introduced an Affordable Version of its iMac


iMacApple is undoubtedly the king in the desktop market. The company recently launched a new affordable version of its iMac. The price of a new product would be $1,099, which is still on the higher side for a larger section of gadget’s fans. Obviously, there have been reductions in features as well as specifications to achieve this economy.

Features and Specifications

The new gadget would have 21 inch screen. However, a 1.43 GHz i5 core processor will most certainly lower its speed. However, a Turbo Boost can increase this speed to 2.7 GHz, effectively equating it to the power in Apple’s MacBook Air. The desktop will come with only 500 GB hard disk, which can be increased to 1 TB by paying $50 more for a serial ATA. Buyer may opt for 1TB Fusion as well.

This would cost $250. An 8GB memory forms an integral part of the desktop.  A 5000 HD graphics intel chip is also included in the desktop package. For facilitating expansion, Apple has provided this device with four 3.0 USB ports. In addition, there are 2 thunderbolt ports as well. So far as WiFi connectivity is concerned, this desktop comes with 802.11ac WiFi.


Notwithstanding the fact that Apple has not offered much with this new gadget, the fact remains that market is tiring of smart phones, as well as tablets. Desktop market has been dull for a long period. But unlike laptop market which is surely on its way to oblivion, desktops will continue to find buyers, and Apple will not be a loser as long as it is able to offer quality with looks. On the whole, it is a smart move when others are still trying to lure gadgets buyer for their handheld and portable devices.

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