Apple might be working on Retina macs


The Retina display on the iPad and the iPhone is sure is impressive. This is because it offers one of the sharpest resolutions in the market. In fact, its high-resolution display of 2880×1800 is even sharper than any other devices in the market. Apple had indeed created a display standard of their own and it is bigger than the full HD standards being used in the market today.

Apparently, the iPad isn’t the only device that Apple plans on putting its Retina technology into. It is planning to incorporate the technology to multiple other devices that they have. Currently, they have got their eyes on the Mac and it can be seen with the Mountain Lion release on which some of the icons are already being optimized for a much higher resolution than the one that they currently have. It is rumoured that a high-density display will be made available by Apple sometime this year as well.

The HiDPI technology by Apple isn’t something that is very new. In fact, Apple has already made it available in the previous OS Lion update although more is being done for the Mountain Lion update which would mean that Apple is up to something with this technology.

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