Apple’s 21.5 iMac with 4K Resolution Arriving in Near Future


iMacGadgets world is buzzing with rumors about Apple’s new 21.5 iMac. The matter has been deduced based on a report on Mac’s support for developers for perfecting OS X 10.11 so that it can in turn support 4K.

The 21.5 iMac

The existing 21.5 iMac lacks a crucial feature that competitors offer;  Retina display. Apple is looking forward to changing that. This is the reason Mac is funding developers to come up with OS X El Capitan that will give Apple’s upcoming device a resolution of 4096 by 2304. Apple has not done much with its 21.5 iMac since 2013 fall.

Retina Display

It is not as if Apple does not have Retina display in any of the products. Apple’s 27” iMac does have this feature and this model was released between 2013 and 2015. However, the 21.5” iMac continues to enjoy wider acceptance. This is the reason perhaps Apple is planning to upgrade technologies of this model. The resolution in Apple’s 27” model incidentally is 5K.


Apple has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors that suggest that the new iMac would have a screen with 4K resolution. But the fact that OS X’ second beta was released to developers with instructions for varying display resolution numbers suggest that something is brewing and Apple’s 21.5 iMac may finally become a better desktop than it already is.

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