Asus Accepting Pre-orders for 4K Monitor Priced at $3500


Asus 31.5” 4K monitor is available for pre-orders and will cost you $3500. The high resolution monitor can be bought through the Amazon, TigerDirect, or Newegg with the price tag of $3499. The gadget will be set for shipping by Amazon and Newegg on July 16.

Announcement of First 4K Monitor by Asus

Last month before the Computex Trade Show Asus announced its first 4K monitor device named PQ321Q. It is blessed with the compelling features like 31.5 inch of display with the high-res of 3840 x 2160 and the 441 pi/inch of the backlit display. It is equivalent to the strength of 4 HD displays combined.

More Features of 41 K Monitor

Instead of using amorphous silicon the active layer of monitor is made up of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide). This IGZO layer is responsible for smaller pixels in comparison to the amorphous silicon. The device has got dual HDMI ports including DisplayPort for providing 176 degree of viewing angle. Apart from placing in the stand, it can be well mounted on the wall and weighs only 28.6 pounds.

Although the device is a strong launch but the problem, is that there is not so much of 4K content available for watching!

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