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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5

From 15 June onwards, BlackBerry users will be able to enjoy MVS5, which makes the device compatible with a greater range of communication systems.

Users of BlackBerry phones can now access Avaya Communications Manager, Avaya Aura 6.1, Avaya CS1000 Communications Server, Mitel Communications Director and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

This upgrade, which came in addition to accessibility to Cisco’s PBX, signifies that BlackBerry might be interested in integrating Avaya tools in the phone.  The major benefit of this upgrade is ability to access multiple communication systems with a single number. BlackBerry users will be able to use multiple call features such as conferencing and ad-hoc.

Features of MVS 5

In addition to all the features of Cisco PBX, BlackBerry users will be able to use voice over Wi – Fi capabilities, which is slated to curb communication costs. Users can access their desk phone and mobile using the same number and hence, do not have to bother about missing office calls. The inclusion of these new features allows users to speak over the phone as well as through Wi-Fi. The best part of the update is uninterrupted call connectivity. A user will never be out of range from calls because this technology switches calls from Wi-Fi network to cellular network if the user is out of Wi-Fi range. All the multiple benefits focus on improving call and network connectivity of the BlackBerry phone.

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