China’s MK802 Comes to Market before Cotton Candy


We have covered quite a lot about the FXI Cotton Candy portable PC that has taken the computing world by storm. The simple dongle is not to be messed with as it is powered by Android and only needs a USB port to power it and can give an output of HD video through the HDMI port available at the other end of the dongle. As of date, the Cotton Candy isn’t available for the consumer yet although a competitor managed to get into the market just in time before the Cotton Candy.

The MK802 is another PC-on-a-stick and surprisingly, this dongle is made by a company in China. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t good at all because the MK802 is powered by a 1GHz Allwinner A10 processor which is capable of rendering 1080P video easily. The best thing about this device is that it is also powered with Android 4.0.

Those that wants to get their hands on one of these needs to wait because the product is currently out of stock. The seller mentioned that it will be made available on 10th June and at a price tag of only $74. This can be considered to be an interesting price as the FXI Cotton Candy itself costs $199.

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