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Have you guys heard about the “PowerPoint Clicker”? Well, most of us do not know such a thing really exist and yet, we definitely need it many a time, for our work. Sometimes, we even keep using a product without even knowing its name. The PowerPoint clicker, also called the “remote mouse clicker”, is such a device. Other names for this curious device include Presentation Mouse, Presentation Remote, Wireless Mouse, Cordless Mouse, Slide Advance, Penta Laser Mouse, Remote Clicker, Powerpoint Remote and so on. Read on to find out about the different PowerPoint Clicker products available in the market today.

A PowerPoint clicker is immensely useful, as it helps people work wirelessly, offering a hassle-free work environment, especially while giving complicated presentations. There are many such devices in the market today. How do you choose the best one among them? Here is a review of some of the most popular devices.

Requirements for a good PowerPoint clicker

A PowerPoint clicker, as the name suggests, should be of immense use to the professional who gives many PowerPoint presentations. The layout of the device has to be simple and easy to operate. Also, it has to be dependable, so that the professional can work without the constant fear of the device conking off right in the middle of a presentation. Additionally, it should ideally work with all operating systems and also extend good battery life.

Popular PowerPoint clickers available today

Penta Sport Remote Mouse

The Penta Sport Remote Mouse is a fine device offers all the above benefits and more. Using cordless phone technology, this PowerPoint clicker works with the most used Windows XP and Vista. It also comes with AAA batteries that can be replaced easily when they run out of power.

The Penta Sport also comes with a sensible key layout design, dedicated Slide Advance Buttons, built-in Laser Pointer and all-purpose remote that you can use even to browse the Internet at leisure.

Notebook Presenter Mouse from Microsoft

Microsoft has come out with the first ever Notebook Wireless Mouse, which comes with integrated slide presenter, media remote control and laser pointer. Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista, this gives undisturbed navigation even from up to 30 feet away from the PC. The stylish device offers 2.4GHz Bluetooth with First Connect Technology and hi-def laser technology too.

The Digital Ink lets you emphasize and highlight parts of your presentation and the Magnifier helps you zoom in on certain aspects that you wish. This device also offers a unique 4-way scroll and is easily customizable.

Microsoft Presenter Mouse

i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote

How would you like to convert your iPhone or iPod touch into a PowerPoint clicker? Well, the i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote app does just that for you! With the i-Clickr, you can directly control your presentation from your iPhone or iPod touch using WiFi. You can also easily view your slide and slide notes right on your handset, as you continue to make your presentation. Further, you can also make annotation on your iPhone or iPod touch and display it to your audience during the course of your presentation.

The best thing about i-Clicker is that you do not need to worry about changing the batteries of the “remote mouse” – you merely charge your smartphone’s battery and you are ready to go.

Check out the video below of the i-Clicker and give us your opinion.

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