Creative Google Doodle Commemorates Alan Turing


What is the world without computer? For many, the name Alan Turing might not be familiar with them but he is one of the first few people that had imagined the computer. In fact, he is most famous for being some of these things: computer scientist, artificial intelligence pioneer and most of all, a maths whiz.

It is with all of these three things that he are well known of that the concept of the CPU and binary numbers are created. Apparently he died at an early age of 41 although if he is still living, he’d be 100 by today. With this being said and done, Google had done a bit to make a virtual version of his creation which is the Turing Machine. It is a device which helps to explain the way CPU thinks through binaries which includes the number 1 and 0.

Unless you are somewhat proficient in computers, you may find that the Turing Machine to be challenging. As far as the one in Google is concerned, the main aim is to spell Google in binary. Those that do not manage to solve it, don’t worry because there are a lot of walkthroughs available on YouTube that you can check.

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