Dell Precision R5500 Allows for Four Graphics User


Dell produces a lot of great computers and one of the key products of the company is their workstation. It seems that Dell has put up its ante with its Precision line, specifically speaking, the Dell Precision R5500. This is because this particular workstation doesn’t have only a single graphics card but rather four Quadro 2000 graphics card instead.

The good thing about this is that you can each of these graphics card individually and through the Citrix virtualization, you can make use of the graphics pass technology which each of these cards support. With this being said and done, up to four people can make use of these graphics card to render 3D models with the power of a single (yet powerful) Quadro graphics card. As of date, only the Quadro 2000 graphics card is supported although there are already plans for high-end cards to be used.

The price tag of the Precision with a Xeon processor and four Quadro cards will amount to a price of $2,742. This makes it definitely not a device meant to be used by the average consumer. Nevertheless, the power underneath it is immense and is highly recommended for the corporate users.

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