Dell updates display line with new monitors


When it comes to monitors, Dell is a name that a lot of people trust in giving one of the best qualities possible in the market. This is simply because of the high quality product that they churn out at a reasonable price as well. That is why when Dell decided to introduce some new model of monitors, it comes to nobody’s surprise. This is because it has been a while since the company had introduced new monitors.

The monitors that were released by the company are five new S series model. Some of them are definitely worth to take a look considering that it has edge-to-edge glass as well as IPS panels. If you are looking for the model with the highest spec, then you might want to check out the S2740L. It comes with a 27-inch screen along with an overwhelming number of connectivity options as well. However, the price tag for this will be $400. There is also a 24-inch S2440L which would cost you $300 while the cheapest of the lot is the S2240M at $200.

All of these sport an aspect ratio of 16:9 which means that you will be getting full HD display. As the monitors are already available on its website, you can check them at the monitor section for more information.

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