Digital Storm Aventum Desktops, starts at $3,859


Some people simply don’t mind on spending thousands of dollars on a desktop. This is because most often than not, the money spent on it is absolutely worth it and if you fall for this category and is looking for an awesome desktop, then the Digital Storm Aventum desktop range would be the one for you.

Sporting a Cryo-TEC cooling system which the company claims cool down the liquid for the cooling purpose till up to 0°C, you can be sure that the Aventum desktop is ready for all kinds of overclocking. In fact, the company is using the unlocked processors so that overclockers can enjoy what they do best. For the lowest spec, users will get an Intel Core i7 2700K processor, 16GB RAM, GTX 680 2GB card, 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD and a few others at a price tag of $3,859. However, if that is enough, they can even enjoy a dual six-core Xeon processor with triple GTX 680 SLI configuration for a whopping $7,856. With that being said, you will definitely be spending some serious cash on this gadget.

Is it worth it? For some, it definitely is but for those that are used to make their own custom PCs, then making one instead of ordering from Digital Storm might be the cheaper option.

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