Dropbox Dropquest Scavenger Hunt Starts


Dropbox has seemed to picked up its ante as it is still trying to prove that it is still one of the best cloud storage provider in the internet. However, its method can be considered slightly unique because apparently, the way on which they are trying to market their product is through a scavenger hunt instead and this might be a very effective marketing method too.

The Dropquest online scavenger hunt is an annually done event and 2012 marks its second year. Last year’s event was finished in as fast as 3 hours but the team behind this year’s event said that they have made this year a bit more challenging so that a lot more people can stand a chance to win and possibly to extend the time of the competition as well. This event has been described as a “gift to our users” by Rajeev Nayak, the company’s engineer.

There are prizes to be won for the Dropbox Dropquest scavenger hunt. The grand prize is a 100GB account, free for life including a few other freebies. Other prizes also include storage space for the user’s account. This is a really interesting and engaging event for the users of Dropbox and this might even strengthen the brand loyalty amongst the users.

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