For Touchscreen Windows 8 PC, Best Buy offers Two Weeks Discount of $100


Are you interested in buying the Windows 8 touchscreen PC but afraid of the higher prices? Then go for it this fortnight because the next two weeks a promotion is on. You can avail $100 discount on the gadgets as Wall Street Journal reported. Seems Best Buy is trying to do in an attempt, to boost the sale that was not gaining momentum because of the exorbitant price and the new OS- windows 8.

The wall street journal reports

The Wall street journal has reported that the discounts will be only for the touchscreen devices like laptops and PCs and not extended to the Windows 8 tabs or the Surface pro. Best Buy has still not hoisted the news regarding the exact devices on which the offer is valid.

About the Intel and Microsoft devices

The two PC chip giants have been busy selling touchscreen for laptops and PCS as well as hybrids that can work both as a tab and a laptop.

The trend of touchscreen in the laptop was triggered by the Apple iPad that sold well, and since then Microsoft was planning to have some in the same genre.

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