Gigabyte Aivia Xenon dual-mode touchpad feature


Rarely would there be news about mouse but somehow, we can’t help but to talk about Gigabyte’s latest offering. The company certainly has some interesting lineup of mouse, especially on their gaming series. The rest however, is as common as your average mouse but the one that we will be talking about is the Gigabyte Aivia Xenon mouse which is certainly an interesting one particularly when it has a dual-mode touchpad feature with it.

A quick glance at the Aivia Xenon and you would be looking at a particularly weird object. It doesn’t look much like a mouse due to its unique design but you can scroll your computer with it just like what you would do with a normal mouse. In addition to that, its surface will also enable you to move your cursor much like an ordinary notebook touchpad. There are a few gestures that it support which would definitely simplify your life as well.

The price tag for this mouse is only $40 which isn’t too expensive for a dual-feature mouse. Since it is also coming from a respected company, you can expect good things from the Aivia Xenon. It only supports Windows based devices only and there is no support for Mac at the time of publishing.

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