Google Chromecast Dongle Now Available at Just $35


Google has yesterday unveiled Chromecast, a dongle that is controlled by a tablet or phone gadget for giving you a better TV viewing experience. Chromecast is offering an alternative solution for the non-connected High Definition TV by simply streaming video from the cloud.

How it works?

The cost of the device is only $35, and it will work with any iOS or android device functioning as a remote control and ordering the device to take the video from cloud for playing it on TV. Users simply have to plug-in the device with the HDTV slot of HDMI- High Definition Multimedia Interface for getting enabled of viewing video on the TV screen. It can be controlled via tablet, PC or smartphone no matters running on whichever Operating system.

Apps Supporting Chromecast

Currently several popular apps will work with Chromecast such as, YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV. Moreover, very soon it will also be supporting Pandora app. All this will happen from the tablet or smartphone acting as remote control device and casting the content from cloud storage to Television.

Chromecast is quite cost-effective as compared to the similar devices like- Apple and Roku costing $99 used by a lot of people.


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