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A lot of rumors have been released about Google Drive but today, a memo was released at Google France which managed to stay on the net for a little while before it was removed. However, there are some people that was kind enough to Google Translate it and save it for others to view. There are a lot of discoveries made about Google Drive which are both comforting and not.

First of all, Google Drive will come with a 5GB space with an upgrade to 20 for as low as $4 a month. We have expected better especially when Google Storage is available at a cheaper price. It is upgradeable to a maximum of 16TB per user which is a lot of storage space that we find most will not be using. There are integration with other Google applications such as documents, photos, videos, PDFs and a few other things. However, it is also stated that Google Drive will take to a more business-focused approach rather than one that would compete with names such as Dropbox.

A Mac, Windows and Android version is due to be released soon with the iOS version to follow suit later on. Those that want to check it can do so at although the website is currently down at the moment.

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