Google Drive to be launched next week


People have heard about the cloud storage service Dropbox and SkyDrive but there will soon be a new competitor in town. Google is prepping up for a new service that will be called the Google Drive and it is bound to make it big in the cloud storage industry. This new service is said to be made available sometime next week under the domain

A lot of things are yet to be known but one thing is for sure: they are giving out free 5GB with every account. This amount is more than twice of Dropbox but one-fifth of what SkyDrive has to offer. However, if it is as good as Dropbox, expect it to have a much better user base as compared with SkyDrive. The upgrade price for the storage space is yet to be known but if Google decides to follow the Google Storage pricing model, then expect it to be cheap because a 20GB plan would only cost $5/year and this is upgradable to up to 1TB at only $256/year.

There is still no definite date as to when Google Drive will be launched but when it does, expect a lot of signups by people all around the world.

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