HP Spectre One All-in-One Desktop with Windows 8


The next operating system by Microsoft has yet to be announced although it was said that the suppliers had gotten the final version already. Due to this, a lot of suppliers had showcased some of their products running the new operating system and it seems quite polished as well. HP has one all-in-one desktop solution running on Windows 8 and we are talking about the HP Spectre One.

The HP Spectre One is the best amongst the three all-in-one that it has running on Windows 8. It comes with a 23.6-inch screen sporting a resolution of 1920×1080.Features such as NFC are also built into the device although we have yet to see a big use for it. However, some of the features that it won’t have are optical drives, TV tuner and touchscreen although the latter would be really nice to have considering that the operating system is fully optimized for touch purposes.

Another unique thing to take note is that it comes with a good looking keyboard along with a Magic Trackpad-like wireless touchpad. The price tag of this device is at $1,299 although you won’t be able to look for it in your stores until November 14th though.

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