Intel’s Knights Corner one Teraflops Chip to offer Transfer Speed at up to 32GB


A chip which is capable of running at speeds of one teraflops is in news everywhere. Designed by Intel, the Knights Corner chip can do wonders in solving a range of problems in fields like car crash simulations, weather forecasting and molecular modeling in no time.

It’s Capabilities

The chip is capable of calculating one trillion calculations in a second as it is comprised of 50 cores onto a single piece of silicon which makes it act like a co-processor. With the chip, data can be transferred at up to 32 gigabytes per second with so much accuracy you cannot even think of.

Intel’s Perspectives

While Intel is working hard in this direction, its rivals Nvidia and AMD are following a different approach. They are concentrating on making chips called graphics processing units, also known as GPU, that will be used to carry out calculations so as to illustrate color and shade items on the gadget screen at a comparatively high speed. Interestingly, Intel hopes to deliver exascale-level performance by 2018 which will work 100 times faster than the currently available technology.

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