Intel Core i7- A lot many Features to be Explored


Earlier this week, Intel unveiled its new processor Core i7 3960X and there is a lot to talk about this processor.


It has been designed in a way to replace the vulnerable LGA 1366(Socket B). It has about 645 pins and it supports four channels of DD3 memory at speeds up to 1600 MHz. There is a Socket R which makes the processor so unique as it controls DMI along with the rest functions. Another important aspect is it facilitates Intel’s QPI that is solely accountable for traffic between two CPUs as well as CPU and chipset. The 3960X supports 10 SATA channels which is truly amazing along with PCIe 2.0 for graphics processing as well as PCIe 3.0 for storage purposes.


Intel’s latest thermal solution, the RTS2011LC works pretty well with LGA-1155, LAG-1156 and LGA-1366. One thing that testers really liked about Intel DX79SI motherboard is the design which does not require access to the underside when the cooling unit needs to be installed or replaced. The icing on the cake is, there is a switch called “boot-to-BIOS” on the rear panel on gadgets which automatically glows red when depressed which is a kind of indication to the system that it will automatically enter the BIOS on boot.

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  1. IT Rush says:

    Wow, so this means no more dual core eh.. new features though..

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  2. IT Push says:

    lol “LAG-1156”

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