Intel releases new Extreme Edition processor for mobile


The Extreme Edition processors might not be a favorite of many but nevertheless, it has found its sweet spot amongst enthusiast. In fact, some of the hardcore users insist on using only these processors due to its high reliability as well as performance. As far as the Ivy Bridge is concerned, it didn’t have the aforementioned processor type for its mobile users but this is no longer the case.

A new breed of processors with the model i7-3940XM will come to town and this can be considered to be as a seriously fast one as well. Sporting a clock speed of 3.0GHz, we expect that many of these users will try to push it up to the maximum speed possible. However, the Intel Core i7-3940XM will not come in cheap because to get this processor alone would cost a whopping $1,096 and this is a money not everyone is willing to spend.

As far as deciding whether to get a laptop with this processor or not, we will let your budget do the talking for you. However, if you are planning to upgrade from the first-generation Core processors, then it might be a good deal but if you have an Ivy Bridge processor, then you might want to keep that until Haswell comes out in 2013.

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