Ivy Bridge Xeon released for microservers


The market for microserver is growing by the day especially when the demand for it is increasing by the day. One of the few processors that are meant for these types of server is the Intel Xeon and good news for those that want to get a new server in the near future. This is because Intel has launched the new and improved Ivy Bridge Xeon processors for microservers.

There are a lot of new models of Xeon processors launched. In fact, Intel had announced the launching of 28 new Xeon CPUs and this falls under both the E3 and the E5 families. The E5 4600 and 2400 are certainly interesting releases as it is targeted to four and two socket systems but the highlight for the launch is the E3 series. This is because these are low-end processors meant to be used for light web-hosting or small businesses usage. The price for it is also quite affordable and the power consumption can be as low as 17w on the E3-1220L V2 processor.

With the processor unit price is as low as $189, you can certainly expect a much cheaper, yet powerful servers being manufactured in the near future.

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