LaCie eSATA Hub for daisy chaining


LaCie devices are certainly good to connect multiple drives together to achieve maximum speed and this technique is also referred to as daisy chaining. One of the devices that you can use for this sole purpose is the LaCie eSATA Hub which would put you back for about $199 each. Because this is a hub, you will have to purchase eSATA drives separately.

LaCie eSATA Hub is a great device but it does require you to have more than just one drive connected to it. In fact, you will start noticing the increase in speed when you connect at least two eSATA drives to the hub. You can also buy multiple hubs with each having a maximum of two drives each and then connect it together in a method called daisy chaining. With this being said and done, you can get speeds up to 10Gb/s although this would definitely take a lot of drives to reach the said speed.

This device is probably not for the average users. We find it best for those who needs high speed drives such as a photo or video editor. You can forget about drive bottlenecks when you use the LaCie eSATA Hub in a daisy chained setting.

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