Leaked specs on new Ivy Bridge i5s


Currently, the latest array of Intel’s i5 processor is the 32nm 2nd-generation Sandy Bridge processors. Suffice to say that these processors can be considered to be quite good as compared with the first generation processors. However, like everything in technology, upgrades are a must no matter how good the thing works. That is why a lot of people are looking forward to the new Ivy Bridge processors by Intel which is said to be significantly better than the Sandy Bridge.

Although it was announced that the new array of processors will be in the market some time during the middle of the year, there has been a delay in its launch, particularly with the notebook variants of the processor. However, that didn’t stop certain information about the processors to be leaked to various places. In fact, this information revolves around the Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processors instead.

The new Ivy Bridge processors will be developed using the 22nm technology which allows the company to squeeze in more juice inside a processor. In fact, all of these processors will be arriving with a built in Intel HD Graphics. The cheaper variants will be entitled to the Intel IGP 2500 while the high end processors will have the IGP 4000. In the case of hyper threading, only one processor from the i5 family will be equipped with it.

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