Lenovo updates ThinkPad series with Ivy Bridge


A lot of laptop manufacturing companies are doing their best and trying to update their catalog of devices to the new Ivy Bridge series processor by Intel. Apparently, Lenovo is one of those manufacturers and some of its products under the ThinkPad series have been updated with the new Ivy Bridge processor.

The ThinkPad series is meant to be for the business users and the upgrade is made on the ultraportable X series, mainstream “T” series, budget “L” model as well as the “W” workstation series. In addition to the Ivy Bridge upgrade, there are also other specification upgrades on each individual series and this includes Dolby Audio, mini-Display Port, Thunderbolt, face tracking technology, 720p camera and a lot more. Suffice to say that a lot of the laptops have had their specifications upgraded while at the same time, have their price either bumped up by a bit or stayed the same.

This upgrade is definitely good because users will be getting a much efficient device at almost the same rate as before. The mainstream T series is the one to look forward to because this one will be receiving the most upgrades. With prices as low as $879, it is great for companies that want to upgrade the devices of their employees.

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