Lexmark Interact S605 All In One Printer Review


Lexmark Interact S605 All In One Printer

Printer-Scanners have always been ignored by many; as long as they can get your documents on and off your paper, then they work fine. Majority of people are just satisfied with a printer that can easily print your documents, photos and spreadsheets, what many people do not realize that you need more than just a standard printer-scanner-copier.

The Lexmark Interact S605 is more than just your run of the mill PSC; it offers more than just printing. Equipped with touchscreens that offer a user friendly interface the Lexmark Interact S605 is in the forefront of the printer market.

Gone are the days when you have printers that have several buttons that make printing more complicated than it should be. Today, the Lexmark Interact S605 All In One Printer has only one physical button; the power button. All other functions can be found on the touch screen. The screen is big making it very responsive to the touch. When turned on, the screen shows three main icons; scan, copy and smart solutions. It also supports multi-touch features making it easy for you to flick through different interfaces.

The printer itself is also quite impressive. The Lexmark Interact S605 is an all in one printer that boasts a large printer head that is powered by separate ink cartridges for better ink economy. Vizix improves print quality making the print quality up to par with popular printer brands like Canon, Epson and HP. A downside to this printer is that it is not equipped with a document feeder and it still uses a feed tray.

Compared to an equivalent all-in-one printer from Canon, the Lexmark S605 produces faster prints. The printer is also equipped with a memory card port that is capable of reading SD cards, MemorySticks (Sony) and XD memory cards. The PictBrigde socket also serves as the USB port and the printer can also be used wirelessly.

What separates the Lexmark Interact S605 from the rest of the competition is how ‘smart’ the printer is. With the emergence of SmartSolutions tools, the printer is much more capable of providing you the prints that you need. SmartSolutions can easily be installed from Lexmark’s SmartSolutions download page and can be easily integrated with all Lexmark products that support SmartSolutions.

As of the moment, there are currently 14 printers that support SmartSolutions; to know if your Lexmark product supports this software, check the list found at their website.

One of the best features found in SmartSolutions is that you can easily access your Picasa folders and display all the albums that you have in there. All in all, SmartSolutions supports  three major photo viewers often used today.

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