LG Plans to Introduce Chromebase Desktop in 2014


LG ChromebaseSouth Korean Electronics giant informed the gadgets world of its intention to introduce Chromebase desktop in 2014. LG Chromebase is an award winning computer that includes Google Chrome OS. The spokesperson from the company informed the market that the device would cater to the need of all users, be they students, or people in homes, or others working in offices, call centers, hotels, etc. Such diverse functionality is expected to revive the interest of people in desktops. People accustomed to Chrome would be able to use host of Google’s applications and tools such as Gmail, Google+ Hangouts, YouTube, Maps, Drive, and Search with considerable ease on their desktops, as well.


The desktop will have a 21.5 inch fully HD 1080 progressive screen with In-Plane switching technology having resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Like most of the contemporary mobile phones, Chromebase desktop from LG would include a webcam of 1.3 megapixels, apart from a microphone that would facilitate video calling. There would be 2 built in speakers of 5W. Since LG Chromebase is a desktop unit, it would include both keyboard as well as mouse.


The desktop will have iSSD storage of 16GB apart from 2GB. The connectivity features proposed in the device include 2 USB ports, i.e., both 2.0 as well as 3.0. In addition, there will be HDMI-in provision in this computer. The company opted for Intel’s Celeron processor in this instead of more advanced processors from Intel. However, this processor would let the user access games, graphics and web applications without any problems.

In an era where people are looking for smartphone functions, to be reduced to the size of wrist watches or more correctly, wrist watches to add on the functions of smartphones, desktops do look out of place. Nevertheless they can hold their ground with such versatile devices. It only goes to prove that desktops are far from dead as yet.

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