Maingear Introduces New Heat-Reducing Desktops and Laptops


We PC and laptop users often feel our computing devices heating up all too soon, especially when the weather outside gets warmer than usual. This reduces the efficiency of the devices over a period of time, slowing them down and rendering them far less efficient. Well, if you would like a fix for the above problem, you just got your wish granted. Maingear, which had given an indication that it was working at something innovative, has now finally announced its new desktops and laptop, all of which contain Intel’s powerful third-generation processors.

Maingear is already well-known as the developer of this unique system design for computing devices and has bagged many awards for its contribution to the world of technology.

Not only that; Maingear has also updated two of its tower models. The F131 now comes in a design to accommodate the selfsame heat-dissipating mechanism that features in the Maingear Shift model.

The Potenza, which is the company’s mini-ITX gaming station, is now 45 percent smaller than the F131 and still manages to contain the same heat-dissipating design within it. In spite of its small form factor, the Potenza also includes NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX680 and a system which supports liquid cooling on the side.

All Maingear products come with lifetime service and phone support, with one to three years’ hardware warranty.

What are you waiting for, guys? Go check out your options and decide for yourself. Visit Maingear’s Website to know more.

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