Microsoft Touch Mouse Waiting for Windows 8


Microsoft is gearing up well for the launch of Windows 8 perhaps the most significant milestone in its illustrious history in the computing world. Now given that the touch interface has been added to the Windows ecosystem, the Touch mouse will be redesigned for all Windows 8 gadgets.

Metro Touch Interface does not Suit the Mouse or Keyboard

Microsoft has received some opposition over the fact that the Metro interface will not be of much use to desktop users because the touch interface is not particularly pleasant for gesturing using only a mice or a keyboard. They expect that new touch mice and new keyboards will change that and make tablet and desktop users feel at home.

The Touch Mouse Tweaks

The Explorer Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse already support horizontal and vertical scrolling. Now with the coming of Windows 8, Microsoft is planning to introduce some new mouse gesture to make the Windows 8 navigation simpler. Verge reports that it will support a single finger swipe to scroll down or up, a two-finger gesture to manage apps and access the Charms bar, three finger zoom gesture and even a thumb touch gesture to switch between various apps.

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