Modified Commodore’s replica C64 – Shipping will be started by the next week


If you are a diehard tech and gadget lover and eagerly hunting any news about Commodore’s Replica C64 then there is good news for you. On 17th June, finally Commodore has uploaded a video showing the glance of this most anticipated PC. Company will start shipping by the next week.

Under the hood

Being the replica of one time famous C64 this device is the point of attraction from the time of its announcement. While carrying the retro-beige finish of original C64, Replica will now be available with a keyboard as well.

It will be shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (on CD) as well as Commodore OS 1.0 but Windows OS is not available with the package. Don’t worry, it is compatible with Windows and you can install it by yourself. Additionally, emulation functionality and game packages will be sent you directly later on when they will be available.


Internal configuration of Replica c64:

  • Motherboard  - Mini-ITX
  • CPU – Atom Dual-Core D525 (1.86 GHz)
  • Graphics Chipset – NVIDIA Ion2
  • DVD Player – Slot-Load/ Tray-Load or Blu-Ray
  • Price tag – $250 to $895
  • Hard Drive – 1 TB
  • RAM – 2 GB

Well, in past Commodore has postponed its shipping numerous times. Even last time shipping has been postponed despite the cross-promotion. Let’s wait and watch.



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