Monday’s Microsoft Event May Announce Tablet with B&N Collaboration


After Apple’s WWDC, Microsoft wishes to take the center stage as it will be staging a mystery event sometime today on Monday. Not many information is known about this event but it is expected for the company to announce a tablet. In fact, the tablet might be a collaboration between two giants and these are Microsoft and Barnes & Noble.

The latter already has their own line of tablet and it is the Nook Tablet that we are talking about. However, their Nook Tablet is currently rife with legal issues especially with Android. That is why the company might consider switching to another side and apparently, Microsoft fits the book well with B&N. However, with this being said and done, you might expect the tablet being released to be powered with Windows 8 RT which is the company’s latest operating system that is expected to work on ARM powered devices.

Whatever it may be, the announcement will be due in less than 24 hours. Hopefully, the announcement will be something big and possibly a game changer in the industry much like the Retina display MacBook Pro announcement. As far as anyone is concerned, we can just wait till the announcement happens.

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