Mozilla Releases Firefox 14


Browsers today are constantly updated so that they can be more secure and have all of the security holes plugged. Mozilla is one of the few companies that consistently manage to update their web browser version. In fact, Mozilla Firefox 14 was just released with some notable improvements by the users. The improvements are made to both the Windows and Mac version of Firefox 14.

One notable update that you can see on Firefox 14 is that as compared with its previous version, Firefox 14 enables HTTPS for all Google searches by default. This means that the user will be passing through a secured connection for all of their Google searches. In addition to that, Mac users that also make use of Firefox can now rejoice as the browser will now support the full-screen capability that had recently been added to the Mac OS X.

Some other improvements made include better mouse performance for web-based games and a few other applications due to the use of the Pointer Lock API. Plugins can also be configured so that they will load only on click. A number of security fixes have also been applied to this latest version of Firefox making it a more secure web-browsing solution.

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