MSI releases GT60 and GT70 gaming laptops


MSI has been releasing a lot of quality laptops for the past few years. In fact, like most laptop manufacturers, it also has its fair share of gaming laptops as well. The GT gaming series by MSI can be considered its best laptops in the market especially when it comes to delivering a quality performance. That is why the company is releasing two new gaming laptops which are the GT60 and GT70.

Both of these laptops will not be available in the market just yet. However, it will be equipped with the next generation quad-core processor for maximum performance. In addition to that, the company will also be using the graphics card by NVIDIA. The specific model has yet to be said but expect it to be the high-end cards and nothing less. In addition to that, a thing worth noting is that both of these laptops have keyboards manufactured by the gaming peripheral company SteelSeries. These two devices are a gaming haven for those wanting a portable yet powerful gaming system.

Like most gaming laptops, these two laptops are anything but cheap. The GT60 will cost the user roughly €1,999 while the GT70 is at a whopping €2,299. Expect it to be available sometime after the Ivy Bridge processors are released.

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