NVIDIA GTX 650 and 660 brings bang to the buck


The new generation of NVIDIA’s graphics card is certainly putting on some heat to its main competitor AMD. The competitor had to reduce the price tag of several of its graphics card as NVIDIA’s series 6xx cards were better and costs less. As the company had introduced its newest lineups of the 6xx series cards, it seems that AMD just had to cut their prices some more. We are talking about the release of two entry-level products which are the GTX 650 and 660.

These two cards were priced fairly reasonable considering that the GTX 650 has an RRP of just $110 while the GTX660 comes at a price tag of only $230. While the GTX 650 sports a good performance at a low price, it cannot be compared with the GTX 660. The GTX 660 by NVIDIA is so good that it can even be compared against the high-end GTX 570. In some benchmarking test, you can also see that the GTX 570 struggled against the GTX 660.

With this being said and done, the GTX 660 and GTX 650 might just be the card that people will change to, especially if they already have a card two generations or older. At such a good price, who can afford to say no.

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