NVIDIA releases GTX690, dual-core Kepler GPU


Everything is about multi-core today. Apple might have the A5X which has a quad-core GPU unit but when it comes to comparing it with a dedicated graphics card for a computer, it is nowhere close. That is why the GTX690 is a very nice case when it comes to multi-core GPU. It only has two cores but it does pack a mean punch.

The word Kepler is something that most PC enthusiasts might be familiar with because that is the codename for NVIDIA’s latest batch of 6xx graphics card. The GTX690 happens to be on top of the food chain when it comes to comparing it with any other 6xx graphics card. The GTX690 comes with a dual-core Kepler GPU and can be considered the world’s fastest consumer graphics card as claimed by the company themselves. In fact, couple the two of these together through SLI and you will get a quad-core graphics card which would blow the competitions away.

This technology however, doesn’t come in cheap. The price tag for the GTX690 is a gut-wrenching $1,000. For those that wants to put it on a benchmark test with Crysis 2, the GTX690 scores a healthy 57.8fps in the Ultra settings. In fact, its speed is also double of those of the GTX680.

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