OCZ Vertex 4 SSD with Indilinx


OCZ certainly has one of the best solid state drives in the market. Its Vertex series is highly respected because it delivers a performance that not many SSD can be compared with. The previous version of the OCZ Vertex made use of a SandForce controller but when the company bought over Indilinx thirteen months ago, it was bound to use its own home-grown controller in the future. Seems like the future is now and thus the OCZ Vertex 4 is the first device to ever make use of the Indilinx controller.

The Vertex 4 is an SSD that delivers. With reading speeds of up to 535MB/s and writing at 475MB/s, it is certainly one of the fastest drives that you can ever get. There are actually three versions of the SSD which are in a 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variations. The MSRP for each of them are $179, $349 and $699 respectively and this isn’t money that everyone can fork out.

The OCZ Vertex 4 SSD might be a good drive to run your operating system on as well as a few other demanding applications. Its steep price might be deterring a few people but with the performance that it delivers, you can be sure that you are getting some of the best drives in the market.

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