Origin PC factory overclocks their custom PCs to 5.7GHz


If you are a gamer than chances are you would know about Origin PC. They sell some of the best custom PCs in the United States and they also offer a lifetime technical support on which not many manufacturers practice this. Origin PC boasts of having a factory overclock PC running at clocks up to 5.2GHz. However, they have increased the bar as it is now possible to get a 5.7GHz computer straight from the company.

Origin PC says this amazing feat was made possible on an i7 2700K system which uses a ‘Phase Change’ cooling system. This system cools down the processor to as low as -40 degree Celcius. Suffice to say that this is a very cold system on which the processor will be operating on. In addition to the amazingly overclocked CPU, it is also possible to get a set of NVIDIA GTX 580 cards in a 4-way SLI. The performance in this computer will be absolutely stunning.

Expect to pay a hefty price for this set of behemoth. Just to get a grasp of how much it will potentially cost, their The Big O system which is one amazing desktop is available at a price of $17,000. Those that are interested should definitely need some pretty big pockets.

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