Origin releases new and improved EON17-X, for the hardcore gamers


OriginPC definitely has some interesting upgrades for its range of computers. Previously, they have announced an upgrade to their high-end Titan laptop but now it would be the EON17-X that will get the upgrades from the company. Those in mind of getting one of these should be warned that they better have some thick pockets.

The 17-inch monster by Origin is anything but cheap. One of these will set you back for about $2,818 with its basic specs. In addition to that, it is anything but portable as it weighs roughly 12 pounds and has a thickness of about 2 inches. As with all OriginPC devices, this one is highly customizable. The laptop can be fit with an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition hex-core processor or the quad-core that comes by default. In addition to that, users can also add in an NVIDIA GTX 580M SLI configuration although that would definitely increase the price of laptop.

Other notable upgrades include up to 32GB RAM (additional $320) and as much as three hard disks as well and the possibility of putting it under RAID setup. With this being said and done, the Origin EON 17-X is for the hardcore and those with a large disposable income as well.

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