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Medical conditions and complications seem to be on the rise on a global scale today. But the good news is that the world of Medicine also keeps finding new ways to combat these issues. We just unearthed some latest path-breaking inventions in medical technology. This one is probably the most useful tool for the medic always on the move. We present before you Paramedic PDA software, which is currently taking the world of Medicine by storm. Read on to find out more….

A paramedic is always on his/her feet, tackling medical emergencies of some kind or the other. Paramedics offer on-scene medical support such as revival, emergency life-stabilizing support, crisis intervention, transport of critically injured persons to emergency medical services and so on. Paramedic PDA software can help these professionals access all emergency medical information from one single, integrated platform, at the mere tap of the smartphone stylus.

How paramedic PDA software can help in an emergency

Paramedic PDA software typically help the professional in the following ways:

  • Much of the latest software available today gives the medico easy access to acronyms, algorithms, medical calculators, reference cards, medicines and even clear anatomical illustrations. The information is neatly divided into several titles and records, which makes it very easy for the professional to skim through and access the information needed at that vital moment. The anatomical illustrations make it yet simpler for the doctor to make a spot diagnosis in case of doubt.
  • The doctor merely needs to enter a few first letters of the case and not the entire condition itself, during search. For instance, he/she merely needs to type in “Vit” for something like “Vital Signs Calculator”. So, search becomes fast, simple and effective.
  • Many paramedic PDA software give the user the flowcharting facility to navigate the otherwise difficult medical algorithms, as also easy cross-reference linking to some other titles. This saves the medic a lot of precious time. The tabs are easily customizable, so he/she can store and access information according to his/her preferences.
  • The latest version of paramedic PDA software such as eMedic for iPhone gives ECGs on 25 of the most seen arrhythmias. These samples can also be zoomed in, so as to give a better view about each arrhythmia, PR interval and so on.
  • Software such as PEPID give the professional clear information about issues such as overdosing, OR/ICU resources and even information on certain rare conditions, that may not be easily accessible during an emergency.
  • Paramedic PDA software such as RAPID Paramedic also serves as a wonderful guide for educators in the EMS department. The material offered is constantly updated, and so, the tutor has the latest information and resources to fall back upon, especially for referencing purposes.
  • The EMS Responder Toolkit gives invaluable information on pediatric vitals, such as heart rate, weight, blood pressure, CPR ratios and so on. It also contains documentation tips for most of the commonest complaints, besides listing precautions, side effects, adult and pediatric dosage and so on. The ‘Event Recorder’ tab lets the user time stamp critical actions and also creates a patient history log.
  • Some useful types of paramedic PDA software let the user work with multiple windows at the same time, thereby helping him/her to access several records simultaneously.
  • Most paramedic PDA software available in the market today support the most popular smartphone operating systems, such as the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and the Palm OS. These software also take very little space – on an average, such software would occupy only about 4 -5Mb of space on your handheld.


In conclusion, the paramedic PDA software available today is a wonderful tool, designed to give the doctor one-touch access to clinical information for many types of paramedic emergencies. There are many varieties of such software readily available in the market. While some products offer a free, limited trial version, most come at a nominal, easily affordable cost. Check out the latest software and choose the one that best suits your needs.

P.S.: We will be putting in a post on medical PDA hardware very soon, so do make sure to visit back again!

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