Philips 237EQPH: Full HD monitor for those who appreciate the quality


Philips 237EQPH is a monitor of 23 inch with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). IPS panel with LED backlight, 1000:1 contrast and 250 cd/m2 places it in the top category for general users.

Choosing a monitor is perhaps more difficult than that of a smartphone or laptop. This is because the image ultimately depends on the viewer’s perception and not always corresponds with the data on paper.

Most users want the black and white to intense and uniform over the entire screen. And Philips 237EQPH successfully manages to display such contrasts. We also want bright colors and as close to real spectrum. Again this monitor fully satisfies us. The last major thing we have in question, angles of vision, are also very good, both horizontally and vertically (178/178).

The only problem is the response time of 14 ms (7 ms Smart Response – G2G), for which we do not recommend this to gamers. They may opt rather for a TN panel, more responsive (2 ms) which has but other disadvantages (bad angles of vision). So, Philips 237EQPH addresses those who value the image quality.

As for appearance, we cannot be other than a little subjective and recognize that it is attractive. The right edge is sharp, semi-gloss, not black but blue and is a little transparent, which is matched with the Power LED from the bottom. On one side of it are the motion sensors (Power Sensor) that put the monitor in Saving Mode when you go out, to reduce energy consumption. When returning to the office, the same sensors automatically reactivate the display.


The Philips 237EQPH monitor has a great value and is cheap. Those who want an IPS only good for office, photo and video, can go with confidence into the hands of Philips.

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