Playing guitar on-the-go with Apogee Jam Guitar


A hardware which would enable guitarists to plug in their beloved guitars on-the-go would definitely be nice especially if the hardware costs $100. The device that is being talked about is no other than the Apogee Jam Guitar adapter. It works for the iPad, iPhone as well as Mac computers.

The device is quite simple actually as it consists of only a small rectangular device which has a port that can connect to the Mac computer or to the iPhone or iPad. The other port would be the one to be connected to the guitar. It isn’t anything extraordinary but is relatively simple instead. It also features an LED indicator which shows whether the device is already connected or when the input level is too big (such as the case with high tones/volume).

The device can be used with Apple GarageBand which is available on the iPhone and iPad as an application or a program on Mac. There are also other software that would work well although there may be incompatibility issues. Nevertheless, at only $100, it is definitely a useful investment for anyone that is looking for a quick on-the-go setup device such as the Apogee Jam Guitar adapter. However, as of date, there are no version of the software that is compatible with Windows.

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