RHA MA-350 In-Ear Earphones – Affordable yet powerful


There are plenty of in-ear earphones in the market but then to find a good one that is affordable can be quite hard. If you have been looking to buy a new earphone, then we highly recommend that you first check the RHA MA-350 in-ear earphones. This is because for just $34.95, the RHA MA-350 is easily a good option for anyone that is looking for a good yet affordable earphone.

The RHA MA-350 is made out of full aluminum construction, braided cable, gold plated connection and a few other things that make it highly durable and worth the purchase. Its drivers are 10mm mylar with frequency range between 16 to 22,000Hz. With this being said and done, a lot of people had commented well on both its built and its sound quality. Its bass is rich and the highs are crisps which make it have a good combination for just about any audio listener that is looking for a cheap solution.

This in-ear earphone comes with a 3 years warranty. In addition to that, it also managed to get What HiFi 5 star rating for the month of December 2011. With this being said and done, at only $34,95, you are getting a very good earphone for that price.

For more information about the new RHA MA-350 earphones check out The RHA website.

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